Jasmin Reda, Editor

Welcome to Vienne Luxe!

I’m Jasmin.

I stand for creativity, elegance and knowledge.

My Mission?

Let me make your life easier.

I’ve built this community around one of my passions:


My style story in a nutshell

Growing up, I’ve always loved fashion. In the beginning, I was just playing dress-up with my mom’s lipstick and my big sister’s closet. I then began striving for more: expressing myself, creating a distinct persona, according to how I felt that day.

My take on self-care

I express self-love by nourishing myself from within: exposing myself to literature, fine arts, elevated cuisine, and never ceasing to learn. However, enabling myself to look polished, covered in beautiful silhouettes and luxurious fabrics is nourishing my myself from the outside.

On Vienne Luxe, I’m sharing the learnings I’ve made along the way, fashion industry secrets and my insight on all things beautiful.

“Where’d you get that dress from?”

You ask, I listen: I will happily provide this information.