How to Identify Your Personal Style

Here’s how finding my personal style has helped me, and why you should find yours.

Welcome back, wonderful people! Those of you who follow me on Instagram might know that I did a huge closet clearout this year. It was a lot of fun, bringing back old memories and rediscovering hidden gems. I also said goodbye to some pieces I hadn’t worn in what felt like an eternity. It made me feel a lot lighter and happier with my collection.

Imagine having a selection of favorites only!

In the process of streamlining my wardrobe, going through the items one by one, I found myself asking:

Do I feel good in this item? Does it contribute to my personal style?

Why is knowing your personal style important?

  • Your time will be spent more wisely.
  • Your wallet will thank you.
  • Your confidence will get a boost.

Ask yourself this:
What do you want from your wardrobe?

How to find your Personal Style:
These are the steps

1. Analyze what you have.

Go through your existing wardrobe and you will naturally gravitate towards the pieces that you love the most. What do they have in common? What makes them special? It might not be obvious at first, but to identify your personal style you need to decide on the common theme of these pieces. Then, write down a list of these traits.
Here’s mine, as an example:

  • They all have neutral colors
  • They’re made of high quality and natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, cashmere
  • They are elegant and a bit conservative, yet
  • All of them have a unique aspect, like a specific decoration,
    cut or finish
  • Feminine details like bows, puff sleeves, ruffles, fluting are always a plus, but they need to be kept subtle and are never

2. Know your colors

Remember when someone asked you “What’s your favorite color?” and the answer was as simple as “blue” or “yellow”? In fashion, in design even, it’s not quite as simple. Every color has a shade, a hue, tint, and saturation. There are uncounted different kinds of blue or yellow out there, and choosing the right one makes all the difference. If it’s slightly off, any color can make you look drowsy. If it’s spot on, it will make you look like you’re glowing from within.

When I learned about color theory (mostly from photography), I started to pursue color choices with so much more ease than before. It doesn’t only apply to fashion, but also – in a tragically drastic way – to your makeup!

If you’re ready to take on the next step to finding and mastering your personal style, you have to know your best colors. These should build the foundation of your wardrobe, and they’re here to help you choose the right basics†. You can always add trendy pops of color later!

3. Know your fabrics

To master your personal style, you need to consider different parameters of the items you wear. Fit, style & color are obviously key factors, but there’s another thing to consider: The material of your garments! It may not seem as obvious, but the way an item flows and moves can say so much more about your style than you might think.

Of course, the type of material will determine how an item wears and how comfortable you feel wearing it. Raw denim will never be as easy to wear as an elastic blend. But apart from how it performs, the material also has a huge impact on your overall appearance, and if you know your way around them, you can use this to your advantage.

Silk is a beautiful example: The way it moves when your body moves, it exudes allure and sophistication. If you identify your style as elegant and soft, you might want to stick to silk and to stay away from stiff cotton materials or shiny polyester.

Here’s a list of my favorite fabrics for an elegant, sophisticated look:

  • Silk (My go-to for good deals is Intimissimi)
  • Cashmere
  • Wool
  • Pure cotton poplin
  • Viscose

4. Find your inspiration

It’s never a bad idea to broaden your horizons. As with everything in life, the rule is: Knowledge is power. Even though it might seem like a paradox at first, consider this: The more you know, the better you’ll be able to differentiate your tastes from what the media propagates as trendy or stylish.
The key here is to analyze, adapt and overcome.


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  1. Lisa Autumn
    August 25, 2020 / 12:44 pm

    Girl this outfit is EVERYTHING! I love the sheer blouse x

    Lisa |

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