My Colorless Life: How to Ditch Self-Tanner & Hair Dye

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Imagine following a certain routine for your entire adult life.
Imagine it being a part of who you are.
Then, imagine cutting it out.

Everything started when I was around 18: I remember using tanning beds regularly before going out clubbing or other events. When I wasn’t tanned, people started asking about my health – thinking I was sick and unusually pale. I was colorless. Quickly, I started to adapt and made sure I kept up the same level of depth in my skin.

And thus started the downward spiral of tanning: You start out with pure, natural skin. You fake the healthy glow the summer sun gives you and damage your skin along the way. Due to both getting accustomed to your new look, as well as the skin damage, you’re starting to depend on the additional color.

With years of excessive tanning, my skin started to react. I developed uneven discoloration: random patches of dark brown all over my cheeks & forehead. Obviously, this warning sign made me stop. But it was too late: I had worked up a sun allergy that flared up after the slightest sun exposure.

Naturally, I skipped all tanning routines, both in the sunshine and tanning beds, but depended heavily on self-tanner to cover up all the spots. I used a heavy foundation for everyday activities.

I needed change.

It was an adjustment that was very hard for me to do. After I stopped using self-tanner and coloring my hair, it took away my sense of self.

Nah – just kidding!

It was the easiest thing to do and made me feel more like myself than ever!

How to ditch self-tanner and embrace natural beauty

1. Find a good sunscreen for your daily routine.

When asked the question “What’s the most important skincare product?”, so many experts mention sunscreen as the top priority for anti-aging. I absolutely agree: The single most important thing you can do for your skin is to protect it.

Of course, there are endless options to choose from. The best sunscreen is the one you’ll use every day! I love the Anthelios range from La Roche-Posay, that my dermatologist has been recommending for years. If it’s not available, I’ll go with another mineral sunscreen from the pharmacy, but I make sure to order it online for far better pricing (just be sure to watch out for fakes. I trust

For additional protection, I use Heliocare Ultra D capsules before sun exposure. It is a beautiful antioxidant product that strengthens the skin’s immune system and protects it from photoaging.

2. Renew your skin & get that glow going.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always been a little bit anxious about using retinol.

This year I finally took the plunge and got prescription-strength retinol from my dermatologist (she prescribed a mixture of retinol and a pigment lightening gel for my sunspots. It has transformed my skin like nothing before!

If you’re serious about ditching heavy foundations or self-tanners and embracing baby skin with a rosy glow, definitely talk to your dermatologist and read into it a little bit further. I will happily provide a separate post on my retinol journey in the future!

3. Be happy in your own skin. Literally.

I couldn’t be happier with my new, more natural appearance and how uncomplicated it is to keep up. No more tanning stains on white laundry, no more sunburns, no more premature aging. And definitely no more heavy foundation.

I used a BB cream in these photos, but most days I go all-natural and just add some mascara, brow product and a Dior lip maximizer.

So, now for a far less interesting topic: Who of you guys saw my little blonde hair adventure on Instagram? I finally managed to chop off the ends of the strongly bleached hair. Now my hair color is completely natural again.

Are you happy in your own skin?
If not, are you ready to make a change?



  1. January 18, 2020 / 11:11 pm

    cool! Dein blog ist zurück, ich freue mich riesig :-)
    freue mich über neue petite looks!

  2. Lisa Autumn
    January 18, 2020 / 12:54 pm

    LOVE it! I also ditched both x

    Lisa |

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